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Digital Pompeii Database

The Digital Pompeii database aims to provide a comprehensive database of the evidence for visual art in Pompeii. We are beginning with the Italian reference work Pompei: pitture e mosaici (PPM), scanning all of its plates and entering data for location, style, color, materials, workshop, etc., together with searchable descriptions of paintings and mosaics. This is an enormous task, so we are focusing first on Regio 6, and on the houses found in the German series Hauser in Pompeji.

The primary organization of the database is spatial, from the regio down to the wall, so that the database is searchable by space (e.g. all examples of X in Regio Y, or simply show all rooms identified as triclinia), as well as by theme, character, motif, etc.

Because of the organization of the database, using the "browse" mode will anticipate many types of formal search, and this mode is intended to encourage new questions about domestic art in Pompeii in its spatial/social context.

While based on PPM, the database is intentionally structured to be scalable, and to incorporate other kinds of data (artifact finds, graffiti). The database will be integrated with a navigable 3D model of Pompeii, walkable in real time, so that any painting or mosaic (or even wider search results, e.g. "all paintings of Theseus") can be viewed and explored in their spatial context, in relation to the surrounding decorations.

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